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These Coronavirus Quarantine Memes Will Make Your Day

As states are mandating their residents to stay home to avoid coronavirus infection, everyone in America is exploring this uncharted territory. In the hopes of keeping themselves busy, people are turning to the Internet more than ever. But as if we didn’t already know, celebrities on social media are telling us to stay at home: Robert DeNiro, Priyanka ChopraZoë Kravitz, Gal GadotRyan Reynolds, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Wintour and more. Whether you’re feeling sad, sarcastic or incredulous about this new culture of staying home, we’re sure you can keep yourself busy with these images starring Batman, the CreamHeroes cats of YouTube fame and more. Here are some of the quarantine memes that best describe what it’s like to be stuck at home.

Cover your cough

quarantine memes

I used to cough to cover my farts. Now I fart to cover my coughs!

quarantine memes

Even Batman is playin’ it smart!

quarantine memes

Coronavirus “DOs and DONT’S” by CreamHeroes’ Chuchu and Lulu

quarantine memes

Sad Pablo Escobar

quarantine memes

Perhaps you could throw a birthday party on Zoom!

Next level web designer

USA: I am Speed

Make America great again

Running away balloon

Batman slapping Robin

Students have got too much power now

Here are the funniest coronavirus quarantine memes for the Marvel fans

And the other introverts during quarantine:

Meanwhile at Netflix headquarters

That long…

Lastly, if you’re a “Friends” fan or have been meaning to check out the series during the “stay home” period, check out Life in Coronavirus Quarantine Told in ‘Friends’ Style.

Which ones are your favorite quarantine memes? Tell us below!


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