south Korea coronavirus
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South Korea Is Tackling Coronavirus Way Better Than the U.S.

South Korea is taking the necessary steps to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Getting tested for the virus comes at a nominal cost in Korea. Hospitals have walk-through testing booths. They take care of their citizens and visitors at airports. Take a look at the ways South Korea is dealing with coronavirus way better than the United States.

South Korea has walk-through coronavirus testing booths

This is what I call SICK

… which is something Trump promised but hasn’t delivered.

South Korean government sends care packages for those in quarantine

South Korea coronavirus
Coronavirus care kit from South Korean government

The care kit includes hand sanitizers, masks and fresh fruits. A dedicated case officer will check in on them twice daily during their quarantine.

Can we take a moment to appreciate how advanced South Korea is?

It takes 65.9 days for the number of coronavirus cases to double up in South Korea, whereas it takes only 3.2 days in the United States.

You can get free testing at Incheon international airport

Although they’re probably just checking if he has a fever.

Everyone’s wearing a mask to stop the virus

south Korea coronavirus meme

… including a stone sculpture

2018 Korean TV show “My Secret Terrius” talks about a mutant coronavirus

south Korea coronavirus
A scene from “My Secret Terrius”

Is this show from the future? “My Secret Terrius” is available on Netflix. Check out more K-drama news on whatakdrama.

When a reporter asks why the United States isn’t testing per capita like South Korea does:

Trump: I know South Korea better than anybody

Also Trump: Seoul has a population of 38 million

Wikipedia: As of 2020, population of Seoul is 9.7 million

Thanks to Trump, the city of Seoul just quadrupled in population. If you want to check out more of Trump pulling numbers out of his arse and other farce, here are the funniest quarantine memes starring the president.

Living the future in Gyeonggi Province, Korea

Gyeonggi province to provide basic income to each resident over COVID19

I’d love some free money, Gyeonggi governor

South Koreans use copper film over the elevator buttons to kill coronavirus

Koreans use an anti-virus copper film on elevator buttons

Escalator Sanitizer in South Korea

Escalator Sanitizer in South Korea

Yes, Korea is safe now

South Korea coronavirus
What’s out of stock in the US, Europe, Japan and Korea

We can’t live without Nintendo Switch either though

Korea, the land of calm mart

Rolls of toilet paper in calm mart

Get me those toilet papers!

All of the above leaves us wondering why the United States isn’t following South Korea’s action plan. Sure, South Korea is around the same size as Indiana, which makes containing disease much easier. But it’s got a population of 44.7 million, whereas Indiana is at around 6.5 million.

On the upside, after China and Korea successfully lowered the number of new positive cases, Europe is following suit, as Italy, Austria and other countries are seeing their number of active cases die down. Until things go back to normal, stay home and check out more coronavirus memes!


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