Coronavirus Memes Trump
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Funniest Coronavirus Trump Memes

“I don’t take responsibility at all,” Donald Trump said on Friday in the White House while declaring a national emergency. We know you’re sick and tired of the president’s misinformation, which is why we’re bringing these Trump coronavirus memes so that you can have a laugh. We’ve sourced the best on the internet. Take a look.

Trump Coronavirus Memes:

Just watch…

When Trump tries to avoid blame all the time but can’t get away from lack of toilet paper

Coronavirus Memes Trump
This highly rated shit-show is called the coronavirus pandemic while Trump is in office

What a revelation!

Coronavirus Memes Trump
Who knew lies don’t work for everything?

Great leadership on point

Coronavirus Memes Trump
Trump: I don’t take responsibility 1
Coronavirus Memes Trump
Trump: I don’t take responsibility 2
Coronavirus Memes Trump
I don’t take responsibility 3
Coronavirus Memes Trump
I’m not responsible. Ever.

Trump: Yes, I did create insanity
Everyone: Surprise, surprise

Coronavirus Memes Trump
Trump: Yes, I did create insanity

No, I don’t take responsibility and yes, I did create insanity, poggers!

Coronavirus Memes Trump

Dr Anthony Fauci had to cover his laugh during a White House briefing

Coronavirus Memes Trump
Dr Fauci covering his face while Trump talks

This is so good that you have to watch in gif

U jelly?

Coronavirus Memes Trump
Trump jealous coronavirus getting more attention than he is!
Coronavirus Memes Trump
Donald Trump 2 weeks ago and today

Trump every day: Coronavirus???? Let me tweet it away!

Coronavirus Memes Trump

Is that you, Donald?

Everyone but Trump saw this coming

Coronavirus Memes Trump

Meanwhile in the Oval Office:

The deadliest virus is ignorance

According to MSNBC, the president on Friday made false claims on the Obama administration, a Google resource in development and plans for drive-through coronavirus testing sites, the latter of which is actually currently available in South Korea.

Meanwhile, this Easter weekend, Trump is pondering whether May 1 is still a good time to reopen the country, a decision he says is the biggest of his presidency, CNN reported. Lastly, here are more coronavirus quarantine memes to check out for the Marvel fans and the Friends fans.


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