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‘Modern Family’ Funny Memes Starring the Cast, Alpaca And More

The show may have ended in the spring of 2020, but fans will always remember it with funny “Modern Family” memes. Shot in a faux-documentary style, “Modern Family” is a comedy mashup that has redefined the American sitcom. Creators Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd told LA Times in June that things just weren’t the same when “Modern Family” premiered in 2009 on ABC. Levitan and Lloyd said that including a gay couple in a stable relationship with a baby was “a radical move for a mainstream sitcom,” and that this “helped transform the mainstream into something more accepting,” according to LA Times. The show’s come a long way since then, and it piled up 18 Primetime Emmy Awards over 11 seasons.

An ensemble cast of 10 characters, four of whom were children, are the building blocks of “Modern Family.” According to LA Times, creators Levitan and Lloyd conjured up:

the goofy magic-loving man-child Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell); his uptight yet fearless wife, Claire (Julie Bowen); and their children, Haley (Sarah Hyland), Alex (Ariel Winter) and Luke (Nolan Gould). Next came Claire’s brother, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), also uptight but not as fearless; his husband, Cam (Eric Stonestreet), a down-home farm boy with a love for all things over the top; and their adopted Vietnamese baby, Lily (played by Ella and Jaden Hiller in Seasons 1 and 2, after which Aubrey Anderson-Emmons took over the role). Rounding out the group was Claire and Mitchell’s irascible father, Jay (Ed O’Neill); his gorgeous, fiery Colombian wife, Gloria (Sofia Vergara); and her urbane young son, Manny (Rico Rodriguez).

LA Times

Without further ado, check out the funniest “Modern Family” memes down below.

Jan and Gloria, the happy couple
Modern family memes

25 years of age difference between the two has never stopped Gloria from fuming at her husband.

Haley and “Legally Blonde”
modern family funny memes

The sad moment when “Legally Blond” justification doesn’t work.

Lily the vampire
Cam and pink
Cam with a disability
Hi, let me fix your hair…
modern family funny memes
Gloria and men from her culture
modern family funny memes
Phil and his alpaca
Phil and his conundrums
Alex and her theories

Alex, the smartest in the Dunphy household, always has a solution at hand.

A classic Fizbo moment
modern family funny memes

Cam shows up as Fizbo the clown at Luke’s birthday bash, scaring Phil Dunphy to death.

Coffee gets me excited too

Do you hear Gloria’s accent?

Jay the proud papa and Manny the poet at heart
modern family funny memes
Luke and his mom jokes
Mean and meaner

In conversation with daddies’ friend Sal (Elizabeth Banks), Lily tells the hard truth.

Lily is like a miniature version of high school mean girl
Quotes from “Phil’s-osophy”
modern family memes

Or should we say, Phil and his dad jokes?

And lastly…

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