Italy Is Running Out of Crematoriums Due to Coronavirus Deaths

Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in Europe, especially in Italy.

Consequently, the number of deaths in Europe has already exceeded that of China. In Italy, where 800 people die of coronavirus daily, the cremation site is full, and the army trucks have to move away the bodies at least 150 kilometers.

For instance, several military trucks enter a small town in northern Italy. The truck arrives at a crematorium outside the city with bodies taken from Bergamo, a small town 150 kilometers away.

In fact, the local crematorium in Bergamo can’t accommodate the number of bodies coming in, which shocked the citizens.

Carlo Rossini is a worker at the Funeral Honors Agency La Bergamasca.”If this keeps going for six months, we will have to prepare the plot for mass graves,” Rossini told Al Jazeera.

In Bergamo alone, currently an average of 50 people die per day due to COVID-19. And the crematorium in the city is full. In Italy, the damage is aggravating rapidly with about 800 people dying from coronavirus daily.

Coronavirus death toll in Italy and Spain

The number of deaths to date is close to 5,000, and the number of confirmed cases has exceeded 50,000. As the number of patients grow and the lack of medical equipments become a concern, automakers like Ferrari has begun producing ventilators to install in the hospitals.

In Spain, for instance, where over 25,000 coronavirus patients are being treated, soldiers are building wards in the parking lots, and conference halls and hotels are being utilized as hospitals to accommodate as many patients as possible.

To sum up, the cumulative number of confirmed patients in Europe is 149,000, which is half of the global diagnoses. The death toll in Europe is more than 7,500 times that of China, where the coronavirus originated.

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