coronavirus Easter memes
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Happy Easter: Top 20 Coronavirus Quarantine Memes

Happy Easter! In 2020, we celebrate the day Jesus Christ resurrected while we try so hard to live: by staying home quarantined, self-isolating and social distancing. There are a lot of good Easter memes on the internet, but none of them addresses the current situation: coronavirus pandemic. So we’ve sorted out the funniest coronavirus Easter memes. This list stars Jesus, Easter bunny, Trump, toilet paper and more. Take a look.

Where are you going for Easter?

coronavirus Easter memes
Mr. Bean

I mean, even all churches are closed, which is the first since World War II.

We’re calling off your last supper, Jesus

coronavirus Easter memes
The Last Supper, mural by Leonardo da Vinci

Disciples, follow me onto the Golgotha hill but stay six feet away

coronavirus Easter memes

Meanwhile the Egyptians are like:

Egyptians: Stay at home!

Was coronavirus one of the plagues of Egypt in Book of Exodus?

Easter bunny is an essential worker, says Maine governor

coronavirus Easter memes

Gov. Janet Mills declared Easter bunny an essential worker on Holy Saturday, sharing on Twitter, “Recognizing that friendly magical creatures, like the Easter Bunny, are essential to the health and happiness of Maine children, today I declared them performers of essential services. May this bring hope and happiness to Maine children and families during this difficult time.”

Mills warned the Tooth Fairy, saying, “need for the Tooth Fairy’s services is likely to increase in the coming days” because of increased chocolate consumption. Easter bunnies and tooth fairies are still required to stick to social distancing rules.

Someone disagrees with the Maine governor

coronavirus Easter memes

Everyone seems to wear a mask these days

Are the masks made with white chocolate? I could wear that.

The classic with a twist

2020 Easter Peeps

French pastry chef made virus shaped chocolates for Easter

French chocolatier Jean-François Pré invented viral chocolate covered Easter eggs. He covered the eggs with milk chocolate and placed red-colored almonds to replicate the look of the virus, according to Business Insider.

When did Melania Trump turn into Easter bunny?

Make Easter great again

Easter egg Trump head

Happy Easter!

Trump Easter

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Easter bunny: Can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time?

No, I’d rather have some toilet paper thanks

Easter basket with rolls of toilet paper

What’s the next holiday because we think it might get canceled too

In reality, Louisiana may be experiencing the world’s fastest growth in new cases now because of Mardi Gras, according to The New York Times. The state banned St. Patrick’s Day parade, but people still got together to celebrate. Louisiana now has 19,253 cases reported and 755 deaths. Guys please, keep your social and physical distance to stay safe.

Also, speaking of the next holiday, it’s Buddha’s birthday in Asia.

And that’s a wrap! Let us end the list with the greatest Easter meme of all time

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