How Much Does Coronavirus Treatment Cost?

If you catch the deadly coronavirus disease, how much does the coronavirus treatment cost? For South Koreans, it’s only around $40 for the entire treatment. The bill from Seoul National University Hospital above shows that the entire treatment cost around $10,000. The patient only had to pay $40 while the rest was paid off by National Health Insurance Service of Korea.

How is that?

The coronavirus treatment cost varies by symptoms and also by country. Generally speaking, health insurance is much cheaper in countries that offer national health insurance. Those countries include Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel and Korea. 

In the United States, while getting a coronavirus test is free, treatment can be expensive. According to Business Insider, COVID-19 treatment can cost up to $73,000 for those without insurance in the United States. And that’s including a six-day hospital stay.

Coronavirus symptoms are similar to those of a cold or pneumonia. One particular symptom to look out for is the loss of sense of smell or taste. If you feel that you no longer can smell or taste food, you may have caught the coronavirus. Read more about the connection between the loss of senses to coronavirus.

Doctors in Wuhan, a Chinese city where the coronavirus originated, recommend that everyone wear a mask when leaving the house, instead of wearing one only when you’re sick with the coronavirus or caring for a family member who is.

While face masks are hard to get, researchers in South Korea invented washable masks using nanofibers filters, which are expected to be mass produced in a few months.

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