Coronavirus Update: 25,000 New Yorkers Confirmed to be Infected

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in New York, the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is spreading as fast as a “high-speed train.” New York City has confirmed that the infected population has exceeded 25,000 with 365 deaths, according to The New York Times.

At a press conference on March 24, Governor Cuomo criticized the federal government for lack of support, expressing his concerns on lack of medical equipment such as ventilators and ICU beds for the coronavirus patients. He started the briefing saying, “I’m not asking you to help New York just to help New York. I’m asking you to help New York to help yourselves. Let’s learn how to do it right and let’s learn how to do it right here and let’s learn how to act as one nation and let’s learn how to act as one nation here. We learn the lesson here, we will save lives in your community. I promise you that,” according to Rev.

Lack of federal support for New York

One of his particularly heated remarks were on lack of federal support as quoted below.

You asked where’s the federal government? What do I know? I don’t know.

Their answer is we don’t need to do it because companies are coming forward who want to do it, and by the way, I am sure that is true. It’s just the timeline doesn’t work.

I don’t need ventilators in six months, and I don’t need ventilators in five months, four months or three months. And by the way, California is not going to need ventilators in six months. It is now.

So you’re asking a business to produce what is a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment, a ventilator, and to do it in 14 days.

That’s an enormous undertaking. They can’t do that on a voluntary basis.

If you use the defense procurement act, DPA, then you say, “I’ll pay for it. I’ll give you the startup capital, I’ll fund you buying the equipment, I’ll fund you hiring workers.”

Trump’s chaotic coronavirus crisis

On the same day, President Donald Trump said he hopes to normalize the American economy by Easter, which falls on April 12 this year.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States could be the next hotbed of the coronavirus outbreak.

While the number of positive cases soar in the United States, other governments are announcing a total lockdown, including India, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Taiwan.

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