Chinese Authorities Manipulate Wuhan’s Coronavirus Patient Statistics

Question of whether the Chinese manipulate their statistics has been unanswered for a long time. According to News 1 on March 22, the Chinese authorities are working to manipulate statistics regarding the number of coronavirus cases in Wuhan. Wuhan, Hubei Province, is where the coronavirus originated in December 2019. This new controversy regarding 100 new COVID-19 patients in Wuhan has stemmed from social media.

The rumor began on March 19 in a post called “My Unforgettable Day,” published on WeChat (Chinese version of Twitter). The writer introduced himself as a reporter in the Hubei region. According to the blog post, three family members who had fever symptoms in Wuhan were denied confirmatory examination and inpatient treatment at a local hospital. They did not receive treatment for more than 13 hours.

Prior to this, the three patients had caught the coronavirus. Doctors treated, cured and released them from quarantine. Yet there they were again, showing symptoms of a fever.

The blogger revealed that the local hospitals in Wuhan refused to test the fever patients for coronavirus, because the authorities were concerned about the number of positive cases increasing. While people are continuing to catch the coronavirus in Wuhan, hospitals are reluctant to report this to the senior officials.

Another blogger shared on March 18 that Wuhan Tungchi Hospital was refusing to treat 100 confirmed patients nor report this to the local authorities.

China says disease “curbed” in Wuhan

China’s Hygiene and Health Committee has announced that there have been no new patients in China since March 18. The committee also believes that the new positive cases mostly have to do with foreign nationals. They argue that these foreigners have caught the virus prior to arriving in China. The lastest report from China is 39 new confirmed cases, all imported, according to The Straits Times on March 23.

According to a doctor in China who wished to remain anonymous, “There are still new positive cases in Wuhan, and if we conceal the actual situation, a second pandemic may occur.”

On the upside, the coronavirus mortality rate in Wuhan, China, may be much lower than previously estimated. According to a new study shared on Fortune, the coronavirus death rate in Wuhan is 1.4%. This means that 1.4% of people have died after developing COVID-19 symptoms and testing positive.

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